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Silver Lining Coaching is a boutique, yet affordable coaching service that is easily accessible via email, phone and one on one meetings.

My time is spent with my clients drilling down on what needs to be done to get you where you want to go. I am a great problem solver, inspiring mentor and leader, disciplined, driven and love what I do.

Do you think you could go further in life?

what's holding you back? 

Your answer might be with me....

Jodie Burr, Businss Coach Adelaide

Meet Jodie Pomeroy

Hello and Welcome!

I am Jodie, professional coach, business coach, mentor and owner of Silver Lining professional and business coaching. I help business owners, employees and anyone wanting more from their life  discover what is truly possible within themselves. My passion lies in people and business, breaking through those limiting beliefs, setting goals, keeping my clients on track and being accountable for your success.

It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do, successful people don’t go it alone, they get a coach!

Learn how to be the best you can be, live your best life possible and work with me to achieve what you deserve, one conversation with me could change your life forever, get in touch to see if we can kick start your success today!

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Professional and Business Coaching

Essentially, business coaching starts with a conversation. Coaching involves engaging in focused discussion in order to take you forward in your thinking and actions. Through our coaching relationship, I will help unlock your natural potential.  

With a strong work ethic and high level of integrity you will discover my open, honest communication style enabling us to achieve great results together. As you embark on your coaching journey I will be there to help you maintain focus, drive and encourage you to achieve your goals and become simply the best you can be. Coaching is what I do, people are my passion, your success is my focus and together we will achieve great results. 

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