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Silver Lining Business Coaching is based in Adelaide South Australia and has over 15 years of experience assisting business, both large and small attain growth, achieve results and educating business owners on what is important. 

Due to the current global challenges facing the Australian Economy since 2020, together with economic uncertainty, Business Owners are finding it harder and harder to manage their Financial and

Legal responsibilities.

More and more Business Owners I talk to in and around Adelaide are feeling alone  when it comes to receiving the support they need to manage day to day challenges and operations. 

Fundamental principles regarding margins, selling, accounting, time management, HR, recruitment, marketing, reporting are all being ignored in the pursuit of quick fixes through platforms like social media & the internet.

Silver Lining Business Coaching offers one on one mentoring programmes and a customized approach  which results in an increase in self awareness, motivation and attitude.

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Meet Your Coach

Hello and Welcome!



Jodie here, I am a passionate Professional business coach, mentor and owner of Silver Lining  business coaching. 

I am also a Mum to a beautiful daughter and a Fiancé to my partner Steve. 

Over the last 21 years in business I have grown to understand the importance of work/life balance, gratitude and understanding that life isn't always roses and rainbows.


I have owned multiple businesses through some of the toughest financial times, and enjoyed some of the best times too. My experience allows me to really align myself with business owners and staff at ground level. I have the knowledge and experience to bring any team or individual from average to success. 

Jodie's Values

Values guide our attitude and actions, they are the fundamental things that impact how we live and how and why we do what we do.

Honesty: I am a realist, which means I don't shy away from the tough conversations, I will say what needs to be said and always be truthful and respectful with my words.

Integrity: I will always follow through with what I commit to doing, mean what I say and say what I mean. 

Respect: It starts with you. Having respect for yourself and knowing your worth is important when it comes to knowing who you are. I will always operate in life and in business in a win/win situation. 


Work/life balance: It is so important to allow yourself time to physically and mentally recharge away from your business. Its not about spending equal amounts of time alone, with family, friends, business, etc. its about making sure you give each part quality time and attention to feel accomplished and satisfied and appreciate your success in all these areas. 

Being a successful business owner isn't about being the hardest working or most motivated person on your team.

If you work harder and are more motivated than anyone and have no idea what you're doing, you still won't get anywhere.

To get to your goals, you need the right guidance. People who succeed in business have a secret weapon, that is- Proper guidance. Without clarity, accountability, growth, support.....and a steer in the right direction you will always achieve the same, after all- "You don't know what you don't know." 

It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do, successful people don’t go it alone, they get a coach.

Learn how to be the best you can be, live your best life and work with me to achieve what you deserve, one conversation with me could change your life forever, get in touch to see if we can kick start your success today!

Silver Lining Business Coaching has been privileged to work with top-level decision makers, entrepreneurs, and visionaries from a wide range of industries. Take a look at my testimonials to see recent clients and their feedback.

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