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Silver Lining Business Coaching offers a clear Understanding of your team through Psychometric profiling

Using the DISC Hiring system when bringing new employees into your company is proven to increase an employee's job satisfaction and overall employee retention within the company. By using a DISC behavioral assessment when hiring, the hiring manager can assess personality traits such as communication style, contributions to a team, workplace style, leadership, organization, and detailing. If the DISC behavioral assessment is paired with a performance benchmark, which creates behavioral ranges for different personality traits required for the job, the hiring manager is more likely to make the right choice and hire an employee who will enjoy their job and be most productive and effective within the position due to their innate personality traits.

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Business can be simple-

Business is actually quite simple. With all due respect to the thousands of business owners around the world that are either doing it tough, or have gone out of business, please let me explain.

When I say simple, I don’t mean easy. Business is demanding and time consuming however the principles in business are quite simple.

I know I said earlier that business is easy and if that was true, then the question remains, “how could so many people get it wrong, time and time again?”

Well my answer to that is again quiet simple, because people complicate it. Whether it is the owners, their family, clients, staff or even advisors, behind every failed business is a significant people component.

My job as a coach is to make sure the owners of the business do not ‘point the finger’, or ‘make excuses’, because as the owner, the buck stops with you! Most people I meet over look the importance of the ‘people component’ when it comes to the success of their business, but I guarantee it is the first thing that gets mentioned when it fails.

Having the right people on the team is critical and my advice for all owners is again simple, “employ people that are better than you at doing a specific job!” When it comes to employees- they are a business’s most important asset.
Their job is to consistently exceed the expectations of your customers, if you can ensure this happens without fail, your success is guaranteed!