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Jodie, Director of Silver Lining Business Coaching is a skilled Business Coach who knows how to guide and inspire in both one-on-one sessions as well as group settings.

Jodie is a qualified Hairdresser With over 25 years of experience owning and running salons. 


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Know Your People

Every successful business, needs the right people on their team. 

If you have a team that you feel are currently under performing or you just cannot seem to get the desired results you want, then learning how to correctly decipher people’s behaviour and learning about the specific needs of others will increase your satisfaction and results. I will take you through the process of really getting to know your team on a deeper level and understanding Why they do what they do, who they really are and what excites and motivates them. By understanding Your people, you will bring out the best in EVERY Member of your Team. 

Silver Lining Business Coaching can give you the tools to help your crack the code to human behavior. 


Financial Mastery 

You can never truly have success in business unless you have ‘Financial Mastery’ and really understand the basics of Profit & Loss Reports, Balance Sheets and Cash Flow.

This knowledge used at ground level coupled with the advice & support of a good, qualified accountant will ensure your business grows & thrives.

Accountants generally manage your numbers AFTER you have made the money- the results of the years work. 

It is your responsibility to manage your numbers at the ground level to ensure you don’t experience cash flow issues during the year. You will feel more in control when you know exactly where you need to be on a daily basis to keep your profits growing.

Silver Lining Business Coaching will provide you with simple tools and training so that the Money part of your business  is easily understood.

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"I've never worked in a salon that has had a salon coach before so when Jodie was first introduced to me, I was keen to see what she had to offer. Within the time I had the opportunity to work with her she has opened my eyes to a whole new world. As we all know the hair and beauty industry is a bit of a roller coaster at times but Jodie brings structure to the salon and that's the one thing I admire about her as not everybody has the ability to do that. I honestly cant thank Jodie enough for all the support and guidance she offered me and you can Truly say her work is not just a "job" for her she does everything with passion as it is in her nature"- Kayla, Team member/senior stylist. 

Leadership and personal development

If you run a Hair or beauty Salon, Cosmetic clinic, or aesthetic salon,  lead or manage people at any level then being able to increase your ability to guide, direct and influence people is invaluable.
A customized Business Coaching program will allow a unique insight into the inner workings of your mind & personality, helping you discover a greater level of self awareness than you ever thought possible.

As your level of self awareness increases, so will your personal satisfaction, motivation and ability to achieve goals and get results through your team.