In order to be suitable for one of my Coaching Programmes you need to be open, honest and ready to take Ownership for everything that happens in your life and business.

You must be ready to share important information regarding your goals and dreams as well as your fears and the things that are holding you back.

I am trained and experienced in evaluating what is important and working with you in pushing you outside of your comfort zone with understanding and support.

Being the owner of your Business, you are inevitably Responsible for everything that happens both inside and out. The decisions and actions you either take or don’t take will have a profound effect depending on whether or not they were made on ‘emotion in the spur of the moment’ or ‘educated, planned and part of a larger strategy’.


It is my responsibility to be the sounding board and you need to bring clarity and certainty to your day and life.

Having a coach also means you will allow yourself to be held Accountable. You have to be willing to receive feedback from them and from others, even if it is not what you want to hear.


A Coaching Relationship is built on trust and respect and it is my job to know you even better than you know yourself.


Coaching provides the pathway to self awareness, happiness and freedom.

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