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Jodie is without doubt, one of the most dedicated, hardworking people I have ever worked with. Her ability to take on board new and challenging information and convert that into results through her dedicated team is simply inspirational.

With over 20 years experience in the Industry together with her back ground in coaching means she is well placed to help transform the business of any individual who believes they deserve more."

Shayne Jaenisch
CEO of Tindo Solar- Owner SA Business Coaching-



Jodie has been working with us for about 18 months now. Jodie was my boss when I first started out in my career 14 years ago so when she came to help us out I didn't hesitate. I didn't know how many things I actually didn't know until I started working with Jodie on my business. Working in the business myself and trying to juggle work, a 2 year old, staff and the day to day running I never made time to work "on the business". Having the support of Jodie as a coach takes a lot of the pressure off having to do it all alone. We set a few goals when we first started and I smashed them! I think when she first told me I could pay off my business loan I laughed because I had been fighting it for 9 years, but in 8 months it was GONE. In that time we renovated, doubled the size of the business, gone from 4 staff to 11 and turnover has quadrupled. We have an amazing team with strong values and team culture, I welcomed a new baby at the end of 2021, opening another business in early 2022 and am now have financial freedom...….She has forever changed my LIFE!!

Brittany Pressler


Miss June The Salon-2021


Jodie is our business coach and guides me as the business Manager. It is so refreshing to have someone like Jodie to ask advice and drives me to become a better manager. I feel that since we have been working with Jodie, we have grown in leaps and bounds. Jodie is very supportive and always motivates us to want to be better and helps us set clear achievable goals. Jodie as our business coach has been a great asset to our business. 



Miss June the salon. 


"Rawson Verco Need and myself have been working with Jodie for close to 7 years, collaborating to provide successful tools for our clients’ business.

With a high level of care and empathy, Jodie has worked closely with our clients in providing:

  • Strong mentor support and focussing on leadership within the business, thus building confidence in the business owner;

  • A listening ear;

  • Engaging with us to provide information to support us in preparing cash flow forecasts, tax advice and wealth creation strategies, and

  • A results focus.

From our experience, the results speak for themselves. Our clients, with the guidance from Jodie, have built their business and family wealth to lead a comfortable and enjoyable life. Our clients enjoy their work knowing that they have a well experience person supporting them along their personal and business journey.

We strongly endorse Jodie and her business coaching model for any of our clients who feel they need a hands on mentor including on-site within their business."


Christopher Velliaris FCA

Director, Rawson Verco Need

Chartered Accountants, Adelaide.-2021


"Jodie Pomeroy is the owner of a thriving and ever evolving salon. Her experience in the industry has lead Jodie to really understand what her customers desire along with their needs for quality
and consistent customer service. Jodie has a unique approach with regards to managing her team like a well oiled machine.

Each staff member has the opportunity to expand and develop based on their professional and personal goals.


Year on year Wella professionals has seen Jodie’s business  grow and expand. Her willingness to update herself and her business regularly shows her commitment not only towards personal growth but the longevity of the hair industry.

Jodie has been invited and attended a yearly Wella Professionals International RED Business forum, this year held In Los Angeles, USA.


It is here she has added value to the sessions and has a wealth of knowledge to share with owners alike.

Wella Professionals is a pleased partner of Jodie  and Her salon. I would highly recommend without hesitation Jodie to any business owners who need guidance with common issues faced in business on a day to day basis"


Corina Gerecke
Wella Professionals
South Australian State Manager-2015


"You will struggle to find anyone as dedicated and motivated to help you succeed, Knowledgeable, driven, patient and a true inspiration- Jodie came into our business at the right time"


Director -AFB Pty Ltd- 2017



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